About Us

BENDFAB, established over two decades, is a premier manufacturing company with proven capacity in the field of metal section bending and rolling. Our expertise gained through a variety of intricate jobs has put us in the forefront, serving a variety of industries including construction, conveying and processing, while covering architectural, mining, heat transfer as well as food related applications.

We have a large range of mandrel bending capacity to bend pipes up to 150 NB.  Long radius bends on thin wall tubes with varying radii up from 9.5 x 1.2 to 203 x 2.0, Boiler tube bending, Heating / Cooling Coils, Plain and SS spiral handrails, pergola rafters, aluminium section handrails, stair spines, wear back bends, safety barriers, furniture legs etc. are some of our specialties.

Our rolling machines have the capacity to cold-roll large pipes and heavy sections up to :-

300 NB pipes
250 UBs on edge
250 PFCs on edge
250 x 50 flats on edge
200 UCs on edge
200 x 28 angles toe out
200 x 20 angles toe in
200 x 13 SHS

While the capacity tables give an overview, our sales staff will be happy to assist your specific enquiries.

Much of the success of Bendfab is due to the fact that the major share holders are working directors, who maintain a close control of the production and quality aspects. Our tube and pipe bends have been well received in overseas markets.

Excellent workmanship, friendly service, reliable time scheduling and competitive pricing policy have significantly contributed towards the success of the company even during the lean economic times.

BENDFAB is well served with a 5 Ton overhead crane and is located at Fairfield, close to the industrial hub of south west  Sydney.