Parallel Flange Channel or PFC is another common product used as roof members or as a staircase stringer.

BendFab is able to roll PFC in 3 orientations, Toe in, Toe out and on edge to some of the tightest radii available.For more information please call.

SectionMin. RadiiLead In/OutMin. RadiiLead In/Out
75*40 PFC3500350300350
100*50 PFC2000550350350
125*65 PFC2500650500450
150*75 PFC50001000600500
180*75 PFC60001000700500
200*75 PFC110001000900500
230*75 PFC1400010001000500
250*90 PFC1800010001200500
300*90 PFC930010001200500
380*100 PFC2000010001500500
Channels pic1 Channels
Channels pic2 Channels
Channels pic3 Channels